Goodman, J., A. Korsunova & M. HalmeCookbook for sustainability innovation: Recipes for co-creation


Jennifer Goodman, Angelina Korsunova & Minna Halme


Sustainable Lifestyles 2.0: End User Integration, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (EU-InnovatE)

In the spirit of creativity and innovation, we are happy to introduce our Cookbook for Sustainability Innovation: Recipes for CoCreation. This Cookbook is a hands-on practitioner guide to the complex process of co-creation for sustainability. Based on a series of real life innovation cases among large companies, it offers a set of refreshing "co-creation recipes" with different stakeholder combinations. Finding holistic solutions to sustainability challenges calls for collaboration with unusual stakeholders such as universities, civil society organizations, municipalities and end users. A new paradigm of open innovation and co-creation provides opportunities for integrating such stakeholders into new products, services and business models. To be successful, companies also need to adapt their internal environment and capabilities to enable the collaboration. This Cookbook's recipes are strategies for collaborative development of sustainability innovations, hand-picked from a pool of European cases of the 3 year international research project – EU-InnovatE. The aim is to showcase how successful companies integrate inputs from various stakeholders to the different stages of the innovation process. While there is not a single perfect co-creation recipe that fits all – our recipes are idea-provoking combinations of expansive or selective stakeholder networks, with collaborations throughout, or at early/late stages of innovation. Anyone can pick the one recipe that fits their "innovation kitchen" best, and modify it in the process. We begin by presenting the "ingredients" for co-creation that, in substance, are the enabling factors for collaboration. They range from company culture, structure, capabilities and attitudes to external stimulus and input from different stakeholders. The recipes highlight which ingredients (enablers) are essential, what are the key steps in the "cooking" of innovation, and what kinds of dishes/outcomes emerge. To give a taste of the recipe, we include the insights of the "cooks" – the innovation managers – in their own words. Our own co-creation process of research and design has resulted in this Cookbook, offering valuable ideas in an inspiring, appetizing and refreshing format. 

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